I'm Effiom From Akwa ibom. I am 49 years old. I am a Teacher by profession. 

My story started 11years ago. I use to be a vibrant, fun loving lady that loves teaching. And so, I was very commited to my job and loved it; even though the pay was not as much as that of my friends that working in other places (like they say; the reward of teachers is in heaven), I still did my job with joy and enthusiasm.

But then, all of a sudden, I fell ill. I did the usual self- medication but no relieve. I just noticed I was extremely weak and tired, always hungry and going to the toilet to urinate frequently.

 I started going lean like someone who has the virus. My children rushed me to the hospital, out of fear and in tears. I could not help myself at this point.

After series of test, the doctor announced to me that I had diabetes. I could not believe it. I was just 38  years old. I used to think diabetes was for people who are advanced in age. But I thought wrong.

I was immediately placed on insulin. At this time, my daily blood sugar was 366mg/dl. And the doctor said if I was not brought as at the time I was, I would have gone into a diabetic coma. I was in admission for 2weeks.

On discharge, I was lectured on what to eat and what not to eat, on why I cannot aford to miss my insulin injection and on how to avoid any form of injury. It was as if my life has been taken away from me. I was depressed.

My once vibrant and bubbling nature disappeared. I was angry. I basically lost interest in everything including my job. I battled with this emotions for a while but had to come to terms with my condition after several encouragement from my loved ones.

I learnt how to manage my conditions. I went through the highs and lows of living with diabetes; from routine eye check ups (because at a time my vission became blurred and I was placed on glasses), to constant intake of insulin (a bottle of insulin cost N6000 and I take two shots per day. In a month I spend an average of N30,000 on insulin alone, which is half of my salary), to battling with coma and high blood pressure, and then being selective with food. It was a bumpy ride.

I was always broke and my husband (got married 5 years after my diagnosis) savings was severely affected.

On a particular day while I was talking to a colleague friend of mine to loan me money because of the financial demands of my condition, she then told about a therapy her mother has been on which normalised her blood sugar and reversed the condition.

she urged me to try it and today I am glad I did. I have been free for a year now.

If you are going through these pains and the money diabetes treatment has drained from your pocket and you want to save your money and have good health... then,


Discover How To Finally Knockout Diabetes
And Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Naturally... 
Now Used By World Class Doctors

Now you can be free from diabetes forever.

Enjoy your regular lifestyle and live a normal life like you dont have a death sentence. For some people, diabetes is like " a death sentence because it open doors to other deadly diseases".

Stop spending your hard earned money on insulin injections and drugs when you can make better use of your money.

Stop living in fear of going blind for the rest of your life as a result of your diabetes.

Escape early death, amputation and life threatening surgeries.

Eat like a normal human being and stop salivating when others are eating your favourite food using this Ultimate Natural Diabetes Knockout Therapy. 


Be healthy, vibrant and happy again. Free from worries like this lady.

" I was diagnosed with diabetes 5months ago with a blood sugar of 360mg/dl. I was placed on metformin- 2000mg which brought my glucose down. But after using metformin for one week, I started having heartburn and having difficulty breathing. It was also making my kidneys fail because of the side effect. So the doctor had to reduce my dosage to 1000mg. Then a friend of my wife told me about this Natural Diabetes Knockout Therapy. I started taking it and in just 13 days my fasting glucose has dropped from 250 to 120. I have stopped my metformin and my glucose level has been under 100 ever since. This is something every diabetes patient needs".  Mike from Lagos.

" I have tried several medications and concoctions to get relieved from my foot sore yet no solution. I had an appointment already for my limb to be amputated before I came across this therapy one night while browsing with my phone. I decided to give it a try because I was desperately looking for any solution to avoid amputation. So I suspended my appointment and started taking this pack and now my foot sore is drying up and showing signs of healing. This Natural Diabetes Knocker saved my leg" .

Emeka from owerri

This Ultimate Natural Diabetes Knockout Therapy has been discovered and is guaranteed, has helped over 900 people normalize their blood sugar and knock off their diabetic condition finally. Kick yours off today!


Chemical drugs turn off symptoms, surgery cuts off the damaged parts, and still the underlying causes of your diabetic condition will continue to grow and may cause irreversible damage.

This implies that you are not covered or insured from all the complications that comes with diabetes like this foot sore. Some years ago, a family friend after spending a lot of money on her foot sore, did not heal despite medications. Her foot was eventually amputated and she later died. So pathetic.

So, the longer you keep depending on those medications then, your diabetes will remain like a bomb glued to a suicide bomber on a suicide mission waiting to explode.

People with diabetes are 3times more likely to develop tuberculosis. 80% of diabetics die of heart complications and 21- 25% of people with diabetes suffer from cataracts and glaucoma.


I totally understand how embarrasing and humiliating it is to sometimes wet your pant because of uncontrolable urge to urinate.

I know how sad you feel when people keep commenting on how lean or obese you have become and they stare at you in pity

I understand the feeling of helplessness you experience struggling with your sight... I have been there before.

I understand that you have spent thousands of money on prescription drugs and treatment and it is sure going to millions.

But what if I can tell you about a proven, guaranteed and natural way you can use right away to get rid of your high sugar/glucose level and finally reverse your condition even if you have lost hope and no longer respond to treatment. Would you take it and use it?

This Ultimate Natural Diabetes Knockout Therapy that I am about to reveal to you, is guaranteed and proven to help you achieve and maintain a normal blood sugar level... to make you bid byebye to diabetes forever.

Because in most cases, high blood sugar or diabetes can be linked to these two major causes;

1. Immune Disease: where the immune attacks the pancrease producing insulin and destroys your beta-cells which makes sugar build up in the blood.

2. Insulin Resistance: Your cells have trouble absorbing insulin and that makes sugar stay and accumulate in the bloodstream. This might be as a result of fatty tissue or excess weight.

This Ultimate Natural Diabetes Knockout Therapy will not only take care of the symptoms you feel, but will also reverse your diabetes.


Once your body starts showing symptoms of problems from diabetes, there are ONLY 3 things that can be done... 

1. You can continue to suffer the embarasment, pain, expenses and risk of having complications like Stroke, Heart Attack, Foot Sore resulting to amputation, Blindness, etc that comes with diabetes.

2. You could also start buying or continue using your chemical drugs which only give you a temporary solution and affects your health badly in the long run

3. OR...use my Ultimate Natural Diabetes Knockout Therapy to have and maintain a normal blood sugar till you are aged 90 and get your life, health and confidence back.




The Ultimate Natural Diabetes Knockout Therapy Pack which contains 3 Powerful, Safe and Effective Natural Whole Food Supplements that will normalize your sugar level and repair your damaged cells.

Here is what it will do for you to knockout your diabetes:

  • It contains Betacarotene which helps prevent Diabetes Retinopathy (a condition that leads to loss of sight and blurred vision). It helps improve your immune health and fight against heart disease
  • It contains Lemon Bioflavonoids which is rich in fibre and vitamin C. This helps in reducing blood sugar and reduces your risk of heart disease by lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • It contains Minerals which help your body break down sugar. It also helps your body produce insulin naturally.
  • It contains Vitamin B12 which is necessary for a healthy nervous system and blood cells. Diabetes increases your risk of having B12 deficiency because it is one of the side effect of metformin. And deficiency in Vitamin B12 can lead to tingling and numbness in your hands and legs and memory loss. So the B12 will boost your Central Nervous System.
  • It also Contains Vitamin B6. As a diabetic, you are likely to have deficiency in Vitamin B6. This damages your pancreatic tissue and kills your beta-cells. So, the Vitamin B6 will help treat your pancrease abnormality and revive your beta-cells.
  • Vitamin E to improve insulin sensitivity especially if you are over-weight which helps to limit damage to your blood vessels and protect you against kidney and eye disease. It contains Acacia which helps to adjust the level of sugar in the blood and reduces blood pressure.
  • It contains Acacia which helps to adjust the level of sugar in the blood and reduces blood pressure.
  • It contains Apple Pectin which increases your satisfaction level thereby leading to lower calorie intake and improve insulin resistance. It also helps in preventing cancer and treating obesity.
  • Barley Bran to reduce your appetite and risk of heart disease. It steadies your blood sugar while making you full.
  • Other constituents include ; Oat Fibre, Rice Bran and Soya Fibre.

In summary, this is what the Ultimate Natural Diabetes Knockout Therapy will do for you.

*Reverse the side effects the prescription drugs have caused you.

*Help regulate your insulin secretion.

*Normalize your body's ability to absorb insulin.

*Reduce excess sugar in your blood.

*Give you back your energy.

*Supply you all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to fight diabetic condition.

If you give your body what it needs , it will take care of itself.


"If anyone has told me that I will stop taking my insulin injections , I would not have believed it. I have stopped my prescription drugs. This Ultimate Natural Sugar Knockout Therapy has saved me from all that. I have taken it for just few weeks. When I placed my order, I thought I was heading for another failed trial but it worked for me. I am a living testimony."

Anthony from Onitsha

 "What attracted me was the content of the supplements which were natural and I decided to give it a try. I have noticed a significant improvement in my blood glucose level. I can argue with anyone that there is no therapy that is as natural and effective as this."

Ifeanyi from Abuja

"Thank you for this Ultimate Natural Sugar Knockout Therapy. I no longer have to spend my drained savings on drugs and dieting. I am feeling better than I have felt in years. I no longer urinate frequently at night anymore and my sugar level now reads between 80-100mg/dl.

Kole from Benue.








  • It helps to prevent tooth decay
  • It helps to strengthen teeth
  • It contain pain killing properties that helps to kill teeth infection
  • It gives Your mouth a sweet mint smell which will last for 48hrs
  • Contain xylitol that helps to protect the teeth gum

You were right when you made a decision to never buy any of these products again because there are lots of products that claimed to be effective but did not give result after you bought and used them.

This combination gives you the best result beyond your expectation... proven and guaranteed.

So, stop wasting your hard earned money on those prescribed chemical drugs that does not even manage your diabetes well let alone reverse it.

I'm not here to sell product but to give you value to save your life

when you order for this product i have delivery agent that will bring it down to your door step and you must see exactly what you saw online here before you pay 


  • If you know you don't believe in my testimony please kindly close this page and never come back again

  • If you know you don't have money to buy please don't bother to order

  • If you know you are travelling please don't order 

  • If you know you are not serious please don't order

  • If you think the product is too expensive please close this page but always remember that your problem is bigger than the price... think very well... if you continue to buy cheap fake products that are not working before you look you might have spent over 500k in buying cheap fake product...so think very well before you conclude

why am i giving this warning...it has come to my notice that most people who buy product online are not serious, they will order for the product and after the seller have waste transportation money to send it when the delivery agent call them they will start to give irrelivant excuses that they travel or they thought it was a joking...that is a act of wickedness ..now tell me how will GOD help that kind of person that is looking for solution...please if you know you are that kind of person please kindly close this page and go and never come back again but if you really want to cure diabetes kindly fill the form below and thank me later


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